1 Peter 4:10

Little Friends Learning Center

Little Friends was established in 1970 as an Outreach Ministry of Friends Community Church. More then 40 years later Little Friends is still an Outreach Ministry, serving families with children 0-6 years of age. Learn More

Gamblers Anonymous

Have you driven by Friends Community Church on a Tuesday or Thursday night recently? If you have, you have probably noticed that the parking lot is full. As you have driven by you may have wondered what was going on at the church. The reason the parking lot is full on Tuesday and Thursday nights is because of the success of our Gamblers Anonymous groups. With the increase in the number of casinos in our area and the number of opportunities to wager a bet, the number of people addicted to gambling has sky-rocketed. If you have a struggle with gambling and want help, join us on Tuesday and Thursday nights at 7:00 p.m.

Bible Studies

We offer Bible Studies for men, women, seniors and others. For more information concerning the Bible Studies offered at Friends Community Church please call the church office at (559) 439-2251.


Friends Community Church is now hosting several Jazzercise classes each week. Do you live a busy life and know that you need to exercise but lack the drive and desire to do it? Jazzercise is a fun and fresh way to get in shape. Contact the church office for a weekly Jazzercise schedule and join the right class for you! Call now to reserve your place in our summer Jazzercise camps for kids.