Team Playbook
It Takes A Team

Get Into The Game!

God did not make you to sit on the sidelines of life. God made you to get into the game. You were not made to spectate, you were made to participate. God made with a unique spiritual SHAPE to be a part of his plan to make a difference in the world around you. You were given Spiritual gifts when you became a Christian to build up the body of Christ. Each person has a Heart for different areas of ministry. Some people have a heart for youth ministry. Some people have a heart for ministry to senior citizens. God has also blessed you with different Abilities. Some people have the ability to work with their hands. Some people have athletic ability. Some people have musical ability. Everybody is good at something. God has also blessed you with a unique Personality. God has given you the personality he has given you for a reason ~~ whether you are an introvert, or an extrovert, or a choleric or a sanguine ~~ you are made by a divine design. God has brought you through the Experiences in your life for a reason ~~ to help someone going through similar circumstances. The pain and the problems you have experienced in life give you a perspective you can use to help others experiencing pains and problems. You were SHAPED for significance. When you discover your spiritual SHAPE you will discover your spiritual place. Every person in the body of Christ has a part to play to help the church move forward and accomplish the plans and the purpose that God has for our church. Are you using your gifts, talents, abilities, and resources to make a positive impact on Friends Community Church? The city of Fresno? Your piece of the world? If you are not, it is time to get into the game and make a difference. View The Entire Team Playbook